New investment opportunity in the casino industry

By Sheena Valero
April 19, 2019

Anyone who’s ever been to Las Vegas can understand why the city is called the entertainment capital of the world. Largely built on the casino industry, Las Vegas offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where players can have fun, earn some fast money, take risks or simply escape their reality.

Today, the top casino stocks are from Las Vegas. Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVE), for instance, boasts a market capitalization of $55.8 billion with a 24% 1-year return. Following that is MGM International (NYSE:MGM) with $18.8 billion and 15%.

With such high rates, it’s no wonder why investors like casino stocks so much. And, as long as thousands of people flock to places like Las Vegas to have fun, play games, or gamble their money, casinos will remain immensely profitable investments.

But, let’s face it – casino stocks are not cheap. To get a large return for their money, investors need to initially risk a substantial amount. So, even with casino stocks, there’s still a high level of gambling involved as if you were playing on the casino table.

However, there’s a new investment opportunity entering the gambling industry with no cost to join and a potential for high ROI. Created in 2018, SAM’S 21 is an innovative points system improving on popular casino table games, like Blackjack or Twenty-One. Its design is pre-printed on specialized decks of playing cards with options that allow the player to keep their hand the same, add 1 point or minus 1 point. Shortened as “SAM,” these three simple options can instantly change the outcome of a player’s hand.

SAM’S 21 Club, a startup based in Los Angeles, California, is the exclusive manufacturer of official SAM’S 21 cards and owns the copyright to this unique method of Blackjack for 70 years. The company is recently offering investment opportunities to help increase distribution. Tony Tango is its president.

“We’re looking for partners who want to take advantage of a great investment opportunity at its inception,” said Tango. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be at the top of a prospective growing network of buyers and sellers with profits lasting for years.”

Compared to the risks of investing in casinos, the cost to become part of SAM’S 21 Club is marginal. Members and distributors can access significant discount rates on the cards, with profits as high as over 50%. Qualified distributors will be awarded referral bonuses, percentages from their downlines and prospective promissory bonus shares when the company goes public.

“It’s improving a game that people already love, and we’ve seen how players are liking it so far,” said Tango. “Our plan is to continue distribution to players, hold tournaments and eventually take part in the casino and resort industries.”

With a growing following in the private gambling communities, SAM’S 21 is expected to hit casinos by storm. Interested investors may just find that investing in this startup would be no gamble at all.

For more information on SAM’S 21 Club and its investment opportunities, please visit http://www.SAMS21.club.