“Casinos only make money from gamblers, SAM’S 21 can make money from both!”

Founded in 2018, SAM’S 21 Club is a growing membership association providing exclusively manufactured SAM’S 21 cards from offices across America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The acronym SAM in SAM’S 21 stands for the special points method that gives the players three different options:

These options are pre-printed and manufactured on selected cards in the four different standard playing card suits. With the three alternatives available, the innovative card game gives the players a newfound ability getting to 21 points in interesting ways.

This new method of playing Blackjack instantly transforms the player’s outcome and creates a suspenseful and potentially more favorable gambling experience. The possibilities are endless.

SAM’S 21 Club is the exclusive owner of the U.S. copyright to SAM’S 21 cards for 70 years. As a newly backed venture, SAM’S 21 Club is reaching out to potential customers interested in this innovative and profitable card game.

Our free memberships and distributor programs provide players and distributors exclusive discounts, sneak peek at upcoming world tournaments, and investment in resorts and casinos.

Discover how you can take part in one of the most exciting and lucrative card games in the gambling industry. Sign up for a FREE membership today to start selling SAM’S 21 cards and win big!

For more information, view our Members page or feel free to contact us.