Resorts are a good investment, but a new card game may even be better

By Sheena Valero
May 5, 2019

Picture this: white sands, clear waters, your favorite drink in your hand, and succulent food at your fingertips, all while watching calm waves. Such is the no-stress, laidback lifestyle many beach resorts advertise that brings in millions of dollars each year.

For many, resorts offer a great way to vacation. Particularly for most middle class Westerners who work hard all year and aren’t allowed a lot of time to travel, resorts provide a chance to unwind without the hassle of much planning. Many resorts offer a fun experience with world-class restaurants on-site, a wide array of activities and top-notch service. All of which makes the resort industry one of today’s most attractive investments.

Investing in resort property offers stakeholders a tangible asset and a promising return on their money. Still, the initial amount to invest can be expensive. In fact, it can cost an investor tens of thousands of dollars upfront.

However, there’s an innovative type of product that also creates a better ROI and offers a great experience like resorts, but with no cost to join. Called SAM’S 21, this one-of-a-kind investment opportunity is a recent invention that revolutionizes the popular game of Blackjack or Twenty-One.

SAM’S 21 is a specialized deck of playing cards with three options (same as is, add 1 point, minus 1 point) that allow players a chance to instantly change the outcome of their hands. In an exciting game of points like Blackjack, it’s clear why SAM’S21 is a game changer, which is already catching on within the private gambling community.

“SAM’S 21 is an invention that will capitalize on notable card table games like Blackjack or Poker,” said Tony Tango, president of SAM’S 21 Club, the exclusive producer and manufacturer of SAM’S 21 cards.

Based in Los Angeles, California, SAM’S 21 Club has just recently opened new investment opportunities for members and qualified distributors. The company offers free membership to join with investors earning potential profit margins up to over 50%. That’s significantly higher than the resort industry that may only offer up to 5% in revenue.

“With the positive feedback we’ve received from professional Blackjack players, we’re projecting that SAM’S 21 will be the next card game to play,” said Tango. “We just need investors to help boost worldwide distribution.”

Aside from the profits members and distributors could earn, SAM’S 21 Club provides fringe benefits that include discount rates on products, referral bonuses, exclusive rights to sell the official playing cards as well as percentages from recruits.

All of this adds up to a lucrative business idea. In fact, SAM’S 21 presents an easy way to make money for investors and also allows for higher cash flow over time. “The sooner investors join, the more they will earn in the long run because of growing networks and downlines,” said Tango.

Still, if there are investors really interested in resort properties, they’ll get the best of both worlds with SAM’S 21 Club. After increasing distribution and organizing world tournaments, one of the company’s goals is to partner with resorts and casinos that feature this unique method of Blackjack. Members and distributors, who invest in the playing cards today, will have access to promissory shares through their investment.

“We own the U.S. copyright for this new kind of Blackjack for up to 70 years,” said Tango, “Which means investors could earn profits for years and years to come.”

So, if you’re one of these lucky investors, you could be sipping your favorite drink at a resort featuring SAM’S 21 soon.

For more information on how to become part of the SAM’S 21 Club experience, visit http://www.SAMS21.club.