New kind of blackjack game investment opportunity

By Sheena Valero
May 9, 2019

$130 million dollars. That’s the revenue of the largest producer and distributor of playing cards, the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). The titan of playing card manufacturers, the USPCC was founded in 1867 and now includes many of today’s popular brands such as Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho and more.

But, the USPCC hasn’t introduced anything new in decades – the playing cards they produce are simply standard decks in varied logos, designs or trademarks. Still, they rake in millions of revenue a year with the lucky few who invested in their playing cards years ago now enjoying the fruits of their investment.

Today, there is a brand new kind of playing cards hitting the market. The card game, called SAM’S 21, is a modern form of Blackjack or Twenty-one with a slight twist. The deck contains four 4-point cards that have been pre-printed with three options that increase a player’s chance to getting closer to 21.

The new game, which was just founded in 2018, is U.S. copyrighted for 70 years. Its official cards are owned and sold by SAM’S 21 Club, a startup looking to find investing partners. Tony Tango is the company’s president.

“Blackjack is played more than any other casino table game,” said Tango, “So, the thought was how could we make this popular card game that people love even better?”

SAM’S 21 may look like your standard deck of playing cards, but it’s anything but ordinary. When one of the lucky cards in the deck is drawn, it gives the player the options to keep the points in his hand the same, add 1 point or subtract 1 point.

What current players love about this new and improved game of Blackjack is that it’s easy to learn and can sometimes turn the tide in their favor. Still, the creative design of SAM’S 21 balances enough profit to keep players interested while allowing for house gain. SAM’S 21 playing cards can also be used to play other popular casino table games like poker.

“SAM’S 21 Club has plans to introduce the game to resorts and casinos,” said Tango. “Right now, we’re looking for investors to help increase distribution.” The newly formed venture has just opened investment opportunities for members and distributors, so the potential of profits for investors who join first is even higher. Membership is free and comes with discounts and added benefits, such as stakes in shares.

“We have the copyright for 70 years,” said Tango. “That means investors have an easy way to make money for that long.” The innovative card game is already gaining popularity in private gambling communities, so it’s not a question if SAM’S 21 will hit all casinos soon. Instead, the question to ask is who will be the lucky few quick enough to grab this profitable investment idea while they still can.

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